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The piper’s eulogy/ Repair the day

Repair the day

Borrow from holidays and forgotten feasts

Let the piper live on credit

Paper clouds, cardboard suns
Echoes of hammers and the tiny thud of brass tacks

Juxtaposed with plastic splashes

The rainbow colors spreading the water’s surface , circling swimming  mannequins
as they take a break from fixing the day

They find the piper washed up dead on the white sandy shore

They bury him in the gray
crayon shade
They pause to watch the sun get placed at just about 3:30

Up there againist the vinyl and cotton sky

Who can really fix a day?

It is enough to bury the piper
  to watch the oily film         slither between the mossy rocks
  to hear the penetration of tiny brass tacks

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just someone my mother might know

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