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think of a windup monkey

think of a windup monkey

clapping his cymbals together

clapping his cymbals together


think of a windup monkey

nodding his head

just nodding his head

think of a windup monkey


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just someone my mother might know

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  1. a bit creepy. makes me think of hell

  2. well then, think a wild monkey eating a banana or a sunny day or your favourite song but please don’t think of a wind up monkey 🙂

    thanks for coming by

  3. And so, starting at the right I come to the beginning at the left, it seems. Interesting, the song on the music player that ended as I did was one by Audience from House on the Hill, with what sounds like cymbals and kazoos. The song playing now is Dance Me To The End of Love.

    And then I looked up “Windup Monkey” and found this little story:

    And then I thought of sitting in the corner and not thinking of a white bear, and how I can never remember who that belongs to

    And then I was sad that I didn’t start at the beginning.

    But I’m glad you found me and that I might share your myths unfolding.

    Thank you

    • I wouldnt give that monkey one thin dime.

      I am listening to “dance me to the end of love ” right now for the first time.

      reminds me of “may I” by Kevin Ayers , very very nice

      you know you dont have to say something nice everytime but it would be cool if you came back sometime and said something or turned me on to more cool stuff like this


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